No need for Inquiry into Education Sector -Luncheon

No need for Inquiry into Education Sector  -Luncheon

The Government does not believe there is a need for any  Commission of Inquiry to examine the state of the local education system. Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon on Thursday shot down a call by the Opposition Leader for a Commission of Inquiry to be launched to examine the local education sector.

Mr. Granger last Friday said there were serious problems facing the sector including the high rate of school drop-outs, indiscipline by teachers and the condition of many schools. He said a Commission of Inquiry would be able to examine all of the issues and offer recommendations.

At his post-cabinet press briefing on Thursday morning, the Government’s Chief Spokesman, Dr. Roger Luncheon said the call for a COI by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is extremely unfavourable and he would prefer to “believe what we have been seeing in the education sector, results oriented, sustained commitment and we don’t need a Commission of Inquiry to establish that is so.”

The APNU believes when one looks at the overall pass rate of Guyanese students at examinations, there is a “real crisis” facing the education sector that must be addressed. The Government is of the view that successes in some areas ought not to be overlooked.

Over a year ago, the Education Ministry launched an ambitious multi-million dollar project aimed at getting students and teachers to focus more on english and mathematics. The project is continuing but its successes are still to be realized.

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