Ituni residents block roads in protest of road condition

Ituni residents block roads in protest of road condition

Residents of Ituni in Region 10 launched protest action on Thursday morning as they continue to complain about the condition of roads in the area.

Some of the residents said they have been complaining for “too long” and are tired of being ignored.

Persons travelling to and from Kwakwani and other areas have been affected by the protest action. Logs have been thrown across the main roads and trailers are also being used to block the roads. Police officers have already been called out in the community to monitor the situation and keep it under control.

One police source in the area said residents have blocked close to two miles of road in the community and the impact is already being felt.  Ituni is located 36 miles South of Linden and the community depends solely on logging.

Earlier this year residents held a similar protests over mining concessions being awarded in the area  and residents not being given priority.

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