Police arrest Ituni protesters for blocking roads

Police arrest Ituni protesters for blocking roads

The Guyana Police Force announced on Tuesday that it was forced to arrest a number of persons who have been using logs and trailers to block the main access road in the Ituni and Kwakwani areas.

In a statement the police announced that ten men and four women who were involved in the blocking of the roadway at Ituni were arrested early on Tuesday morning.

The Force then sought and got the assistance of the Ministry of Works to remove several pieces of  logs that were used to create the blockage on the roadway.

The Police Public Relations Department also reported that a  Police Constable was assaulted during efforts to arrest another man.
Residents in the Ituni area launched a protest over the weekend by blocking the main access roads in the log mining community. They complained about the deplorable state of the roads in the area and blamed many of the major logging companies and their heavy-duty trucks which traverse the roadway for deplorable state of the roads.
The Guyana Police Forces said it exercised “considerable restraint in this matter and wishes to reiterate its respect for the rights of all citizens to protest peacefully on issues of concern to them”.
According to the Police Public Relations office, “the Force has no objection to persons conducting peaceful protests, but when protests degenerate into unlawful acts infringing on the rights of other citizens, the police will as a consequence have to take the appropriate action.”

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