Escapee recaptured in canefields still shackled

Escapee recaptured in canefields still shackled

One day after he made a dash for his freedom from the Lusignan jail, 18-year-old robbery accused Kavin Singh was recaptured this afternoon in the Good Hope canefields, still shackled at the feet.

The man was found in a swampy section of the canefield by members of the Joint Services, who received information that he might have been hiding out in the area.

The youth was arrested and taken back to the prison without incident. He will now face a charge of escaping from lawful custody.

Singh was remanded to jail in December on an armed robbery charge. On Thursday he was moved from his cell to attend a virtual Court hearing in the same compound. It was during that hearing that he requested to use the washroom and instead bolted from the facility when the Prison Officer who was overlooking him, left to go to one of the offices.

The Guyana Police Force and the Prison Service have both expressed thanks to the persons who assisted with information about the man’s whereabouts.

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