Ex Husband admits to hotel murder

Ex Husband admits to hotel murder

The ex husband of the 30-year-old woman who was found dead in a City Hotel on Mother’s Day has admitted to the murder and will make his first court appearance on Friday.

The man who has been identified as Vinod Balgobind, told investigators at the Criminal Investigations Department in Georgetown that he was solely responsible for the stabbing death of his ex-wife who was the mother of his children. Police investigators said the man was arrested in the Essequibo area on Wednesday.

Police sources told News Source on Thursday that the ex husband explained to investigators that although he and the victim Maryann Nauth were no longer together, they would still visit each other from time to time and meet up in the city.

Investigators were told that they had planned to meet up last Saturday and decided to spend some time together at the K&VC hotel before she headed back home. However, during their stay in the hotel, an argument began between the two over a new tattoo the woman had placed on her stomach.

The argument became heated investigators were told and in a fit of rage the woman was badly stabbed about her body. A post-mortem examination revealed she was stabbed over 30 times. The knife was left stuck in her chest. Relatives of the dead woman intend to head down to the courthouse on Friday morning for the appearance. The woman’s mother told News Source that throughout the couple’s marriage, her daughter was badly beaten by the man. She said the death of her daughter on Mother’s Day has left her with a scar in her heart that will never heal.

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