Ex Husband being sought for hotel murder

Ex Husband being sought for hotel murder

The ex husband of 30-year-old Maryann Nauth is being sought by Police in connection with the murder. The ex husband’s name has been given as Vinod Balgobind.

He has not been seen or heard from, since the brutal slaying of the mother of three, in a city hotel on Sunday.

The two were married for over 10 years.

Police investigators believe the dead woman’s ex husband is the ┬áperson who accompanied her to the K&VC Hotel on South Road in Georgetown where her lifeless body was found sprawled on a bed in a room of the hotel just hours after the two had checked in.

According to relatives of Maryann Nauth, she left home on Saturday afternoon to meet her ex husband in the Camp Street area. Although the two were divorced, relatives said they remained friends and had an “on and off relationship”.

The mother of the dead woman told News Source on Monday that she is still trying to overcome her daughter’s sudden and gruesome death. “I am done with celebrating Mother’s Day”, she said. With her voice cracking, Indranie Bharat said she had “the nicest daughter a mother could ask for and it is hurting me that she was taken away from me on Mother’s Day”.

The mother said her daughter endured a very abusive relationship when she was married to Vinod.

“It was tough and he use to beat her really bad, even in front of my own eyes he would beat her and I was happy when she got out of it, cause I know she would be moving on” the mother told News Source, adding that “his parents were no help. Every time he got into trouble, they would pay for him to go hide out of Guyana but I want justice this time for me, for my daughter and for her children who are now living with me”.

The heartbroken woman said she was very happy when her daughter got divorced and moved in with her, but all that happiness ended on Mother’s Day when she got news of her daughter’s body being found in a hotel. “This is the worst Mother’s Day and I cannot celebrate this day any more for the rest of my life, I am done with it. It pains too much” she said.

Police investigators have been talking to relatives of the ex husband hoping to get an indication of where the man may be hiding. They are convinced that he may be responsible for the murder. Staff members at the hotel were also questioned.

Investigations are ongoing.

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