Exxon Mobil set to begin Guyana oil exploration

Exxon Mobil set to begin Guyana oil exploration

Days after objections from Venezuelan authorities, there is still no indication from Exxon Mobile that it will halt its exploration plans following the dispatch of the rig and the commencement of exploration work in the concession granted by the Government of Guyana.

The rig which departed the United States on February 19 arrived in Guyana on Tuesday. The company was paid a visit by President Donald Ramotar and Natural Resources and the Environment Minister, Robert Persaud. They had discussions with the Exxon Mobil Country Manager,  Jeff Simon.

Simon used the opportunity to explain the company’s scope of operations to President Donald Ramotar Minister Persaud, according to a release from the Government Information Agency.

When the news was publicised that the rig was headed for Guyana, Venezuela objected to the offshore exploration for oil in local waters by the US Company, much to the disagreement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here.   unnamed (1)

The objected had prompted the Foreign Affairs Ministry to write the Venezuelan government urging that it desists from actions that could contravene international law and prevent development.The opposition parties in Guyana have offered their full support to the government of Guyana and have also called for Venezuela to back off with its complaints.

The Exxon Mobil country manager notified the local media that the company intends to move forward with its exploration plans. He said work will proceed as planned and there will be no delays.

Exploration activity is set to commence sometime next week in waters which Venezuela reportedly claims to be theirs.

The neighbouring country has been claiming some parts of Guyana’s territory as its own although settlement on the issue was completed decades ago.

Last year the two countries were engaged in a similar dispute after Venezuelan authorities seized a ship and its crew members that was carrying out exploration activities in Guyana waters.

Filed: 5th March 2015

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