File on cargo ship drug bust sent to DPP for advice

File on cargo ship drug bust sent to DPP for advice

The Captain and Crew of the cargo ship MV Deltadiep which was busted with cocaine, remain detained on the vessel in Guyana as the Police and the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit seek the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions on the way forward.

The Captain and crew members were all questioned about the over 400 pounds of cocaine which was found hidden under wooden pallets in a container on the ship. The bust was made on January 5, 2015 just after the ship arrived in Guyana from Suriname.

News Source understands that based on  the investigations so far, it has been determined that the cocaine was loaded  onto the ship in the container while it was in Suriname and the cocaine was destined for Spain. The vessel docked in Guyana at Linden to pick up a shipment of bauxite which was destined for the European market.

A senior law enforcement official told News Source on Tuesday that it would be difficult to charge the Captain and crew of the vessel if all evidence is pointing to the container being loaded on the ship with the hidden cocaine unknowing to them.

The official said based on the probe so far, the Captain and crew all appear unaware of the drug laden container. Information about the bust has been shared with Suriname and investigators there are looking at the persons and companies who were responsible for loading the containers onto the ship while it was in Suriname.

The US Drug Enforcement Agency has also been informed about the bust and is carrying out its own investigations. Guyana was able to make the bust following a tip off from the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime. That agency had been monitoring the movements  of the ship.


Filed:  13th January, 2015

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