Fisherman attacked and stabbed to death over woman

Fisherman attacked and stabbed to death over woman

30-year-old Essequibo Coast fisherman, Avinash Singh, was stabbed to death on Sunday in the Charity Squatting area by another fisherman, who suspected Singh of being involved with the mother of his child.

According to a Police report, Singh and the suspect were both at a shop with two different groups of friends on Sunday, when moments after Singh was seen collecting his ID Card and Bank card from the suspect’s girlfriend, he was attacked by the 29-year-old man.

After being repeatedly stabbed by the man, Singh was stabbed repeatedly to his chest by the 29-year-old suspect. The Police said Singh collapsed to the ground, and the suspect ran from the area.

The injured fisherman was rushed to the Charity Hospital where he died while receiving emergency care. The suspect was later arrested and remains in custody. The Police said, persons in the area indicated that the suspected had repeatedly accused the murder victim of having a relationship with his “child mother”.

The probe is ongoing.

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