Fmr. City Hall official questioned about US$40,000 Chinese donation

Fmr. City Hall official questioned about US$40,000 Chinese donation

The former Protocol Officer at the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) Waynewright Orderson was up to noon on Thursday being questioned as the City Constabulary widened its probe into the whereabouts of US$40,000 reportedly received from the Chinese Embassy unknowing to the Council.

Chief Constable Andrew Foo confirmed that Orderson was cooperating with investigators who were tasked with helping the Council to recover the missing funds that the Chinese Embassy in Georgetown said it donated back in November 2015.

“At this point in time, we are actively pursuing an investigation in keeping with those persons who were party in terms of this request to the Chinese. We have to establish whether the money was given to the City or another NGO or agency,” Foo said.

The Chief Constable said three persons of interest were being actively pursued, including the former Protocol Officer.

However, he shied away from labeling him the prime suspect but indicated that the Chinese have given an indication as to who were the person(s) that the money was handed over to. “We invited the former employee and he did cooperate. He is here and we are trying to get some answers from him to see if he has knowledge in relation to this matter,” Foo added.

It is alleged that the Public Relations Office of City Hall is in possession of a photograph, which shows one of the persons of interest receiving the money.

On Wednesday, Town Clerk Royston King told News Source that the Embassy recently issued a notice in which it claims that the sum of US$40,000 was donated to the M&CC to assist with its sanitation and management programme. But according to King, that money was never placed into the Council’s treasury neither was there any paperwork to show that it was received.

King was backed up by Mayor Patricia Chase-Green who also noted that matter is an embarrassment for the Council.

“In this particular case we cant say to the Chinese Ambassador thanks for the donation… let the chips fall where it may it will teach people not to defraud the council,” Chase-Green said.
(by Kurt Campbell)

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