Former Beauty Queen assaulted in Police Station

Former Beauty Queen assaulted in Police Station

Former Miss Guyana Finalist and local model Ali Williams is fuming after she was dragged and physically assaulted at the Providence Police Station by a policeman as her helpless children watched on. The incident took place on International Women’s Day, Saturday March 9, and Williams wants charges to be filed against the police officer who she said assaulted her.

In a statement, Williams who is an Advertising and Marketing Executive, explained that as she drove to work she was involved in a minor “fender bender” accident when another car bumped into her. She said she decided to head to the Providence Police Station to file an official report to ensure that the other driver bears the cost of the damage to her vehicle.

According to the mother of two, she found herself waiting for over 30 minutes for a police officer to take her report and some of the policemen reportedly became incensed as she started to question the length of time it was taking for her report to be taken.

She said eventually the report was taken and the Policeman said they needed to keep her vehicle overnight and also needed her to hand over her keys. She said she objected and began questioning why there was a need for her vehicle to remain in the Police compound overnight when she had already filed a report and photographs of the damage could have been taken or provided.

“I went into the station followed by Officer Tracy and sat on the bench. He further told me when I was ready to hand over my keys, I should tell him, and again I refused unless he could say why. I proceeded to make a call to family informing them what was happening and where I was. Officer Tracy then grabbed me by my arm pulled me up from the bench, dragging me more the 10 feet while ringing my hand to take away my personal phone, then chucking me to sit on the station bench like a common criminal in the presence of my two crying children”, Williams said in her statement.

She said she has since made a report asking the police to file charges against the officer who dragged and assaulted her and she has also obtained a Police medical which highlighted lacerations to her wrist and legs.

The young woman said she intends to ensure that she gets justice in the matter and cannot understand why some police officers treat law abiding citizens as if they were criminals. She also intends to file a report with the Police Complaints Authority and seek an audience with the Police Commissioner and the Office of Professional Responsibility.

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