Georgetown Hospital records 119 neonatal deaths in one year; Health Minister assures that’s no increase

Minister Lawrence said from a total of 1155 admissions of neonatal over the period some 10.3 of those admissions resulted in deaths.

Georgetown Hospital records 119 neonatal deaths in one year; Health Minister assures that’s no increase

The Georgetown Public Hospital has recorded 119 deaths of newborn infants between June 2017 and June 2018. Those deaths were related to premature births.

That information was presented to the National Assembly today by Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence.

She was at the time responding to an oral question without notice from opposition MP and Chair of the Parliamentary Social Services Committee Vindhya Persaud.

She said it was “far too many deaths” and “too high” a number to be comfortable with.

“The government recognizes that it has the right and the onus is on us to ensure that at every level of healthcare the necessary services are provided for our people.”

Lawrence said the government has been looking at the issue for the last three years and has invested large sums of monies into the department and people.

She said while the numbers are alarming there has been no increase in neonatal deaths.

“Rather there has been the same line in terms of how those deaths occurred… It has been declining and we continue to work and put measures in place to bring it down to zero.”

The Health Minister said every death is reported to the relevant authorities and there are consistent and routine tasks done to prevent these deaths which includes sanitation.

MP Persuad pressed Lawrence in a follow up question on whether there is any targeted investigation to find out the primary cause of the deaths.

The Opposition MP didn’t seem satisfied that with 30 of those deaths recorded in the first four months of the year, no investigation has been conducted.

Persaud is to submit further written questions to the Health Minister for further clarity on the issue.

News Source understands that during the past year, the Georgetown Hospital saw over 6000 admissions but there were 1,155 premature births.

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