GINA allocated more money than CANU in 2014 Budget

GINA allocated more money than CANU in 2014 Budget

In his budget presentation, Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh said that a new National Drug Strategy Master Plan is being finalised to enhance Guyana’s ability to combat drugs at the local, regional and international  levels.

However, the lead agency in the fight against the narco trade in Guyana, The Customs Anti Narcotics Unit, appears to be getting the smallest piece of the public security pie in the budget.

The Government has allocated $92 Million to CANU to continue the fight against the narco trade. That allocation represents less than 1% in the total budget to the Home Affairs Ministry to cover Public Safety and Security.

The allocation also represents $47 Million less than what has been allocated to the Government Information Agency.

GINA has been allocated $139 Million in the budget and the Opposition parties are already looking to block that allocation.

Security officials have been expressing concerns over the years about the small allocations to the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit although the Unit appears to be building more cases, carrying out more seizures and drug busts.

Last year the Government praised the work of CANU and spoke about its ongoing commitment to fight the drug trade. The U.S has been calling for more resources to be allocated to allocated to the drug fight locally and for there to be more commitment.

The U.S has been making moves to assist Guyana more to take on the drug trade and has been offering assistance through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative.


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