Glenn Lall files police complaint against AG over death threats

Glenn Lall files police complaint against AG over death threats

With his lawyer at his side, Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall, filed a police complaint on Monday afternoon against Guyana’s Attorney General, Anil Nandlall over alleged death threats contained in a recorded conversation between the Attorney General and a senior reporter at the Kaieteur News.

During the recorded conversation, a voice believed to be that of the Attorney General could be heard complaining bitterly about the coverage he and his family have been getting in the Kaieteur News over his uncle’s decision to import a luxury vehicle under the remigrant scheme. The person believed to be the Attorney General could be heard asking the reporter what would be Glenn Lall’s end game since it now appears that his newspapers is going after him (Attorney General) and his family.

But the part of the conversation that is especially troubling to the Kaieteur News owner and his legal team and which triggered the police  complaint is the section when the person believed to be the Attorney General is heard issuing a warning to the reporter.

“Everybody just have a newspapers to use as a weapon. I told Adam people got weapons. They don’t have newspapers to use as a weapon, they have weapons and when you continue to attack people like that and they have no way of responding, they will just walk with their weapons into that same f%$king Saffon Street office and what comes to do and innocent and Peter will have to pay for f%$king Paul in there and I tell you honestly, I telling you man to man, that will happen soon and the quicker you get out of there, the better”, the voice believed to be that of the Attorney General is heard as saying on the recording. 10628086_10152784922572604_1378159699451448154_n

The profanity laced conversations continued for close to 12 minutes with the voice believed to be that of the Attorney General complaining that the Publisher of the Kaieteur News should not be using his newspapers to drag people down. The person believed to be the Attorney General could be heard remarking that the Kaieteur News owner believes he is above the law. During the conversation also, the voice which is believed to be that of Nandlall could be heard saying that the entire problem between Glenn Lall and the GRA could have ended if Lall had agreed to pay the taxes on the two vehicles that he and his wife were driving that belonged to two remigrants.

Lall and his wife were recently charged for tax evasion in connection with that matter.

Outside the police headquarters today, Glenn Lall’s Attorney, Khemraj Ramjattan appeared convinced the person being heard on the recording is the Attorney General of Guyana. Ramjattan said based on the threats and warnings made during the recorded conversation, they thought it best to file an official police report.

Ramjattan said based on the tone and what could be heard during the conversation, there is a clear conspiracy to do harm to Glenn Lall and the workers attached to the Kaieteur News.  He said they decided to file the police report because they believe that Glenn Lall should now have increased security and there should also be a criminal investigation based on the statements made during the recorded conversation by the person believed to be the Attorney General.

“It is clear from the tape, that this destruction of Kaieteur News and its proprietor resulting from serious clashes between a number of people in the political scene and also the GRA and all of that has heightened to the level now whereby the powers of the state want to do destruction to a decedent and a very famous one in Guyana”, Ramjattan told reporters.

A teary eyed Glenn Lall said he is now fearful for his life based on the statements he heard on the recording. He said the statements are reminiscent of the gunning down of five of his pressmen at the newspapers printery back in 2006. Those murders remain unexplained and mostly unsolved. He said the issue  must be taken seriously .

News Source made several repeated efforts to contact the Attorney General. There are reports that he was out of town, however, he was quoted in other sections of the press as saying that he would need to listen to the recording in its entirety before offering any comment.


Statement to the Commissioner of Police by Glenn Lall 

“On or about the 13th October, 2014, I received a number of phone calls from various persons, who stated that I should be extremely careful in my daily movement – whatever I do and where I go.

One caller said there is a plot to “shoot-up your building and make it look like a robbery”. Several individuals, not known to me personally, came to Kaieteur News, and said that they are hearing similar things circulating in “serious circles” and that I must be “extremely, extremely careful”. I took that information quite serious and began to operate more cautiously. I was reliably informed, days after, that a plot to execute me was hatched by senior government functionaries and that people are being approached to carry out the dastardly act. One man came to Kaieteur News and said he was approached by persons with a plot to execute me, and he bluntly told them “…no, not Glenn Lall”. He, like others, warned me to be “extremely, extremely careful” and “not to go and drink about the place” as well as to “beef up my security”.

Given the gravity of the situation and the repeated warnings, I subsequently called your office, and was told that you were at a Sporting event. I then called Deputy Commissioner Balram Persaud and he advised me to make an official report to the Ruimveldt Police Station, which I did.

On Saturday evening, last, all of these threats seemed to have been vindicated by a conversation between Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall and one of my senior reporters. The utterances therein were disturbing to say the least. I am very concerned because it came from high quarters. I now clearly understand what those people have been warning me about.

I today, October 27, present this recording so that you can investigate this matter, as I now see this development as a threat to my life, and I am now very fearful. I am also fearful for my family, employees, and the security of my properties.

Based on the content of the recording, I also feel that there is a criminal conspiracy, which should be investigated. I am prepared to fully cooperate with the police in an effort to get to the bottom of this.

Attached as indicated is the recording.”

Filed: 27th October, 2014

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