Sattaur refuses to give evidence against Glenn Lall in threatening case

Sattaur refuses to give evidence against Glenn Lall in threatening case

The threatening behaviour charge against Kaieteur News publisher Glenn Lall that was based on a complaint filed by the Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority Khurshid Sattaur was thrown out of court on Monday morning.

The Magistrate at the Sparendaam Court was forced to toss the charge after Sattaur’s Attorney informed the court that the GRA Head no longer wanted to pursue the matter ¬†and did not plan to appear in court to offer any evidence against Lall.

The GRA Commissioner General had complained to the police that Lall used threatening and offensive language against him during a telephone conversation as the GRA launched an investigation into allegations of tax fraud by Lall.

Lall has since been charged in that tax evasion case. That case is ongoing and is related to the import of two luxury vehicles by a remigrant couple who are friends of Lall. The couple along with Lall and his wife were charged for tax evasion. The elderly couple has never appeared in court but when Lall and his wife made their first appearance they were both granted self bail as they proclaimed their innocence.

They were charged because they were allegedly found to be in possession of the two vehicles that were imported. Lall said he and his wife would borrow the vehicles from their friends for security purposes and there was no law against that. Lall said he was being targeted for his newspapers’ reporting of alleged corrupt practices at the Revenue Agency.

Filed: 24th November, 2014

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