GRA to drop tax charges against Glenn Lall, his wife and remigrants

GRA to drop tax charges against Glenn Lall, his wife and remigrants

The Guyana Revenue Authority is expected on Monday  to withdraw tax evasion charges against Kaieteur News publisher Glenn Lall, his wife Bhena Lall and the re-migrant couple, Narootandeo and Gharbassi Brijnanan.

The four were charged back in October in connection with the importation of two luxury lexus Sports Utility vehicles by the Brijnanans.

The couple used the duty free re-migrant facility to import the vehicles but after Lall and his wife were seen using the vehicles, the GRA moved in and accused the four of evading taxes. They have always maintained their innocence and the Lalls said they were friends with the re-migrant couple and would borrow their vehicles for security purposes.

News Source understands that the GRA and all the parties involved were able to reach a settlement on the matter last Tuesday and the two luxury vehicles which were seized have since been returned to the re-migrant couple.

Details of the settlement are unclear but reports suggest that some amount of money was paid over to the Revenue Authority as taxes for the importation of the vehicles. It is not known what tax rate was applied.

The last time the four were in court, the Attorney for the GRA indicated that a settlement was being worked out.

When the four return to court on Monday for the matter to continue, the GRA is expected to officially withdraw all of the charges in connection with the matter.


Filed: 2nd February, 2015


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