Nandlall sues Lall for $30M over Kaieteur News report

Nandlall sues Lall for $30M over Kaieteur News report

Embattled Attorney General Anil Nandlall, has filed a $30 million lawsuit against the Kaieteur News seeking damages from the newspaper over the contents of an article carried in the Tuesday, October 28, 2014 edition of the newspaper about a recorded conversation involving the Attorney General.

According to a statement from the Government Information Agency, the civil action filed in the High Court on Tuesday has named the proprietor of the Kaieteur News, Mohan ‘Glenn’ Lall and editor, Adam Harris as the defendants.

“The AG is seeking damages in excess of $10M for libel contained in the headline, $10M for the libel contained in the article and aggravated/exemplary damages in the sum of $10M”, the GINA report said.

Meanwhile, The Guyana Police Force is still probing the contents of the recorded conversation involving the Attorney General and a reporter of the Kaieteur News.

The Attorney General on his Facebook page on Tuesday said “when the sanctity of privacy is removed from communications between humans, the human element is removed from human relations and thereafter, man’s status is reduced to that of animals. It’s even worse when those communications are manipulated and distorted, by technology, to create a dialogue which is radically different from what occurred -all done by those who wield the power of the press and use the same to persecute and slaughter the character of others. A society in such state borders on anarchy”.

But back in 2006 in a letter to the editor before he became Attorney General, Nandlall offered his thoughts on a recorded phone conversation involving the Police Commissioner at the time. Nandall declared in that letter that “I respectfully submit that, even if the law afforded a right to privacy in Guyana, having regard to the nature of the matters contained in the recorded conversation, and the status and standing of the persons allegedly engaged in that conversation, that right to privacy would have had to bend and bow to the constitutional right to free expression.”


Filed: 29th October, 2014

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