Government continuing efforts to support the rights of all workers -says PM Phillips

Government continuing efforts to support the rights of all workers -says PM Phillips

Prime Minister Mark Phillips has hailed his government’s efforts in supporting workers across various sectors and said it will continue to advocate for fair labour practices. 

Addressing the commemoration of the Enmore Martyrs anniversary, the Prime Minister said the government will continue to strive to enhance workers lives.

“Our government—the PPP administration demonstrated a steadfast commitment to prioritizing our workers and continue striving to enhance their lives and working conditions, through the immediate re-establishment of the Ministry of Labour upon taking office in August 2020,” the Prime Minister said.

But even as the Prime Minister boasted about the government’s track record in addressing workers rights, the nation’s teachers have been away from their classrooms for more than 65 days in protest of the absence of collective bargaining and an agreed salary increase.  

The Prime Minister said despite various challenges, his government continues to address the needs of its workers.

“The progress we have made in labour rights and working conditions, includes better labour policies, improved working conditions and the establishment of labour unions that protect workers right across our nation,” the Prime Minister noted.

He noted the enactment of a sound regulatory framework that addresses workers rights, including the Trade Unions Recognition Act of 1997.

“This has strengthened collective bargaining and improve the negotiating powers of workers. The implementation of Occupational Safety and Health Laws has been crucial in safeguarding the wellbeing of workers. Employees are now required to adhere to safety standards, provide necessary protective equipment and ensure a safe working environment. These measures have reduced workplace accidents and improve overall workers health,” the Prime Minister stated.

The enmore martyrs were the five sugar workers who were gunned down by the police during a protest for better working conditions in 1948.

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