GAWU pleased with Government’s ongoing interventions to revitalize sugar industry

GAWU pleased with Government’s ongoing interventions to revitalize sugar industry

President of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union, Seepaul Narine, has expressed confidence in the interventions of the Government to ensure the survival of the ailing sugar industry.

Speaking at the 76th Commemoration of the Enmore Martyrs over the weekend, Mr. Narine acknowledged that the sugar industry has been seeing a decline, but noted that industry is too important to fail.

“Now, under this government, there are sustained, deliberate efforts to breed new life in the industry. The GAWU and everyone in the sugar belt thank the government, as the efforts are hastened to restore the sugar industry and we see new skills and experience are being recruited, the GAWU remains firm in its belief that the sugar industry has brighter days ahead,” the GAWU President said.

Mr. Narine, who is also a Member of Parliament for the governing People’s Progressive Party, said the former Coalition government did not do much to turn the industry around.  He noted that the monies being allocated to GUYSUCO by the current government has added new life into the industry.

In this year’s budget, the Government allocated $6 Billion to the sugar industry.

The GAWU President laying a wreath at the graveside of the Enmore Martyrs

The GAWU President said the union is aware that there is much work to be done to turn the sugar industry around. He said GAWU remains ready to work with the Government to ensure that the industry can be revitalized.

In addition, Mr. Narine, said the union is prepared to sit with the government and play a meaningful role in addressing a number of labour related issues plaguing the country. 

“And we remain committed to continue working with you and other colleagues of your government along with stakeholders to address around minimum wages, labour conditions, labour legislations and other elements of national life, that will protect, advance and secure our Guyanese working men, and women,” the GAWU President stated.

The GAWU President said the sacrifice made by the Enmore Martyrs for better working and living conditions for all Guyanese, should not be in vain.

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