Government will continue to function in its normal capacity -Harmon

Government will continue to function in its normal capacity  -Harmon

With the Opposition labeling the coalition government as a “caretaker’ government following the no-confidence motion and vote in the National Assembly, the administration is sticking to its point that there is nothing in the Constitution that caters for any caretaker government.

“There is no provision in our Constitution that limits the exercise of the power of the government to do anything and in that regard, the government will function in its normal capacity as a government and all of the attendant panoply of executive power will be exercised”, the State Minister said.

He said the Government remains legal and as the President has indicated, the President and the Government will remain in place until the next government.

With regards to the signing of major deals and investment pacts, Minister Harmon told reporters that investors will be looking carefully at what is taking place and will take into consideration that there is a government in place and that government remains legally in place and is functioning legally.

The Opposition Leader has been calling on the Government to resign, but to stay in place in a caretaker mode until elections. Many political analysts have said that there is no caretaker government scenario in the Constitution and therefore the Government will have to continue with its functions until elections.

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