Granger to Ramotar: Sign those Bills

Granger to Ramotar: Sign those Bills

Guyana’s Leader of the Opposition Brigadier (Rtd.) David Granger has described as “contemptuous”, the decision by President Donald Ramotar not so assent to a number of Bills that were passed by the National Assembly.

Mr. Granger said he is dismayed that the Head of State has decided not to sign into law, the Fiscal Management and Accountability (Amendment) Bill, 2012; Fiscal Management and Accountability (Amendment) Bill, 2013; Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2013 and Local Government (Amendment) Bill, 2012 – which were all passed by the National Assembly.

According to the Leader of the Opposition, “the President’s decision was contemptuous of the authority of the National Assembly and injurious to relations based on “consensus and compromise” between the Executive and Legislative branches of government which the President’s inaugural address promised”.

The main opposition group A Partnership for National Unity now intends to withhold its support of “certain bills” brought to the National Assembly by the Executive until and unless the Executive gives an assurance that bills already passed by the National Assembly will be assented to, or be resubmitted to the Assembly for passage. The APNU also wants the Bills that have been assented to by the President to become operationalised.

Mr. Granger said he is willing to meet with the President to discuss the issues of concern.

The President had indicated that he does not intend to sign into law any bill passed by the Opposition led National Assembly that does not enjoy the support of his Government.

The Opposition parties have all expressed worry over the President’s decision and the Speaker of the National Assembly has also warned the Head of State of the impact and effects his decision could have on the legislative process and the work of the National Assembly.

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