Guyana’s drug trafficking worries new airline

Guyana’s drug trafficking worries new airline

Guyana’s drug trafficking problem and the constant efforts by drug pushers to use the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and airlines plying the Guyana route to ferry drugs out is of concern to Fly Jamaica as the carrier prepares to enter the Guyana market.

Director of Fly Jamaica, Roxanne Reece on Saturday said the airline is hoping for increased security at the international airport. She said “we would like to see a security system that is more efficient and more reliable and of course it is based on the salaries you pay people and the level of people you employ”.

Over the years, drug traffickers have used just about every means to get cocaine out of Guyana using the airlines. Many have been successful and the busts would be made overseas which would result in big fines for the airline.

Mrs. Reece said it is unfortunate that Guyana has “so many issues with drug smuggling”, adding that her airline is making all efforts to ensure they are not faced with those problems. She admitted that it will be a difficult job to ‘keep on top of” but Fly Jamaica is putting measures in place to tackle any possible problem.

Other carriers that have served the Guyana market including Delta Airlines, have complained about the security situation at the airport and the ability of drug pushers to get cocaine pass the layers of security. The Customs Anti Narcotics Unit has been stepping up its monitoring at the airport and has been able to carry out a number of busts.

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