2 Customs Officers, 2 others to face drug trafficking charge

2 Customs Officers, 2 others to face drug trafficking charge

A young Customs Officer whom a Wanted Bulletin was issued for last evening by the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit turned himself into law enforcement today in the company of his Attorneys.

News Source understands that the Customs Officer, Anthony Thomas along with another Customs Officer, an Airline security agent and a Ground handling agent are all to appear in Court on Wednesday to be charged for drug trafficking in connection with the discovery of a bag containing over 20 pounds of cocaine at the Cheddi Jagan Airport over the weekend.

The drug laden bag was found beyond the security check points at the airport among bags that were being loaded onto a Caribbean Airlines flight that was bound for New York.

Over the weekend, three of the accused were taken into custody. They were questioned extensively over the weekend about the cocaine laden ┬ábag. The Guyana Revenue Authority’s Enforcement Unit became involved in the case and launched a search for the Customs Officer who was linked to the drug shipment. He has been in the employ of the GRA for over 10 years.

Reports state that after the GRA Enforcement Unit’s searches came up empty-handed, CANU decided to issue a wanted bulletin of its own on Monday night for the Customs Officer.

CANU is expected to lay out the details of its case against the four men when they make their first court appearance on Wednesday.


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