Guyanese crew member dies on St Vincent

Guyanese crew member dies on St Vincent

Health Authorities in St Lucia are trying to figure out the cause of death of a Guyanese man who died on board the St Vincent registered cargo vessel, the MV Lady Zai which departed Georgetown on Thursday, March 6, 1014 and arrived in St. Lucia on Sunday.

The man whose name has not been released was a crew member aboard the vessel. He reportedly died on Saturday as the ship neared his destination. Another Guyanese crew member was rushed to the hospital when the vessel reached St. Lucia as he complained of being ill also.

As a precaution, officials in St Lucia quarantined the vessel with the other crew members.

According to the Ministry of Health in St Lucia, the deceased was taken off the vessel and an emergency post-mortem was done. The other crew member was simultaneously taken to hospital where he is currently being treated.

Officials from the Maritime Administration Department here in Guyana are in contact with their colleagues in St. Lucia on the matter, and similarly the health officials from the two countries.


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