Guyanese woman busted with “Thanksgiving cocaine” at JFK

Guyanese woman busted with “Thanksgiving cocaine” at JFK

A Guyanese woman who traveled to the United States on Thanksgiving Day will now spend Christmas in the slammer after she was busted at New York’s JFK Airport with over six pounds of cocaine in the false bottom of her suitcase.

While many persons in the United States were preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner, the woman was trying to get pass US drug agents with the prohibited substance after successfully making it pass all the layers of security at the Cheddi Jagan Airport in Guyana without being noticed.

The woman has been identified as Chitraoutie Persaud. According to US Special Agent Donald Farrier, the woman arrived on a Caribbean Airlines flight on November 28, 2013 and was picked out for additional checks.

During a routine examination, the woman presented a grey “Challenger” branded suitcase to the agents for inspection. It was during the inspection, that the agents noticed that the suitcase had an unusually thick bottom and further checks revealed the prohibited substance in the false bottom of the suitcase. The substance was tested and came out positive for cocaine.

The woman has been charged with knowingly, intentionally and unlawfully importing into the United States a controlled substance.

She appeared at the Eastern District of New York court before Judge Steven Gold and was remanded.

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