Guyanese woman and children arrested in Brazil for drug trafficking

Guyanese woman and children arrested in Brazil for drug trafficking

A 49-year-old Guyanese woman and her two children are facing drug trafficking charges in neighbouring Brazil after they were busted with almost 9 pounds of marijuana on Thursday.

According to reports, the three were arrested in the area that connects Boa Vista to Guyana. The mother has been identified as Khumwatte Narine Adams while her two children have been identified as 28-year-old Fabiola Adams and 25-year-old Joseph Adams.

According to the head of the Narcotics Enforcement Office in Brazil, Agent João de Evangelista, the family was being monitored for about two months after an anonymous call revealed their involvement in drug trafficking. The group, according to the Agent, was ‘routinely’ supplying the capital with marijuana stocks.

In addition to the drugs, police found $ 23 500 (Guyanese dollar), US$ 4 US and Reais$ 242.

Mobile phones, which allegedly belong to the family, were also seized by the Brazillian authorities. Some of the marijuana was found in the women’s handbags while the rest was found hidden inside the vehicle.

The three did not resist arrest and were charged in the act of trafficking and association for trafficking and taken to give statements and follow legal proceedings. After that, mother and daughter will be sent to the Women’s Jail.

The son, who has been identified as being part of a murder in Brazil, will be taken to the Agricultural Penitentiary of Monte Cristo.


Filed: 27th February, 2015

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