High Court grants injunction against Speaker’s accuser

High Court grants injunction against Speaker’s accuser

The High Court on Monday afternoon granted an injunction barring the young man who has made sex abuse claims against the Speaker from publishing, whether in print or electronic media, any material relating to the allegations that he has made against the Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman.

The young man Johnny Anthony Welshman, who is believed to be in his early 20’s, has also been ordered to remove all malicious content from his Facebook page.

According to a statement from the Alliance for Change, in the filed affidavits, The Speaker is also seeking damages in excess of $50 Million for libel contained in statements allegedly made by Welshman in the Stabroek News, the Guyana Times and on Welshman’s Facebook page.

The Speaker has denied all of the allegations and has said he wants the police to get to the bottom of the case and he is confident that he will be completely exonerated.

Welshman, after threatening on his Facebook page that he will be bringing down a Guyanese politician, filed a police complaint against the Speaker claiming that he was sexually molested by the Speaker when he was a young boy, more than 12 years ago. The Speaker has denied all of the allegations and said he believes that they are politically motivated.

Trotman’s accuser returned to Guyana from Trinidad and Tobago back in July. He lived in the neighbouring country for a number of years and claims to have founded an organisation called LGBT Alliance Trinidad and Tobago.

In a video message on his Facebook page which was posted back in April, Welshman admits to being on anti-depressants and suffering from severe depression. He also admitted attempting to take his own life several times and being a patient of a psychiatrist.

Filed: 23rd September, 2014 

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