Johnny goes berserk as CJ continues injunction against him

Johnny  goes berserk as CJ continues injunction against him

The young man, Johnny Welshman, who has made sex abuse allegations against the Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman, stormed out of the Chambers of the Chief Justice on Tuesday afternoon after being informed that the Chief Justice was going to keep in place an injunction which prevents him from making further sex abuse allegations against the Speaker in the public domain.

The Speaker has filed a $50 Million lawsuit against Welshman.

Welshman was apparently unhappy with the ruling by the Chief Justice and came barging out of the Chambers before complaining to the press about the Chief Justice’s decision to gag him from further speaking about the issue in the public space including on the internet.

Welshman carried on about the Chief Justice’s own understanding of the law and became loud and hysterical in the corridors of the court forcing three police officers to warn him about his behaviour.

“I must give an undertaking that I must say nothing on my social media. Guyana has no blasted  cyber laws and according to the Laws, he is the Acting Chief Justice, not the Chief Justice and according to the laws that govern Guyana, there are no cyber laws and the Acting Chief Justice cannot bar no party from their social media”, Welshman complained.

Attorney Nigel Hughes who is representing the Speaker in the matter told reporters that the Speaker will continue on with his libel suit against Welshman. He said while Guyana may not have cyber laws, that has nothing to do with libel and Welshman used the internet and his social media accounts to libel the Speaker and defame his character.

“This  is not an issue about cyber laws, its a case about libel and whether or not they have cyber laws or  not, the fact is that Mr. Welshman published statements that were hostile and adverse and that injured Mr. Trotman’s reputation whether they were in cyber space, whether they were in print or whether he spoke those words, they were published”, Hughes maintained.

Welshman tried to interrupt the interview that Hughes was giving to the media by firing off questions of his own. He was ignored by Hughes.

The visibly upset young man warned that “today they gon have a big bacchanal because I have lived in Trinidad and I have my documents to back it up and Nigel needs to come blasted good”.

Welshman’s Attorney, Peter Hugh, appeared embarrassed by his client’s behaviour and the usually outspoken Attorney bowed his head as he told the media that he intends to have some discussions with Welshman.

Welshman burst on the local scene a few months ago with sweeping sex abuse allegations against the Speaker of the National Assembly. The 23-year-old man accused the Speaker of molesting him when he was 10 years old.

The Speaker  has denied those allegations and said he believes that politics is behind the accusations. He said while he knows the young man’s father, he does not know the young man personally.

Welshman filed an official complaint to the Police and the police has completed its report and has sent the file to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice. The DPP’s office has not offered any advice as yet but the DPP in the past has had to distance herself from the young man after he told one media house that he had a meeting with the DPP. The Office of the DPP said no such meeting ever took place.

Filed: 11th November, 2014

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