DPP says she never engaged Trotman’s accuser and never offered protection

DPP says she never engaged Trotman’s accuser and never offered protection

The Director of Public Prosecutions has denied statements made by the young  man who has made sex abuse claims against the Speaker, that the DPP’s office offered him protection.

In a statement on Wednesday afternoon, the Director of Public Prosecutions Office stated that “at no time did she ever engage in a conversation, telephone or otherwise, with Mr. Welshman”

The 22-year-old who has since been slapped with a High Court injunction blocking him from making further public statements about his allegations, told one newspaper that he had conversations on Sunday with the Director of Public Prosecutions and he was promised protection by her.

“The DPP further categorically states that since she did not have any conversation with Mr. Welshman, she could not or did not gave assurances that she will provide protection for him as is alleged”, the statement added.

The DPP’s Communications Officer has confirmed however, that the young man filed a complaint in writing at approximately just after lunch on Wednesday and that was the first time that Mr. Welshman had interacted with or visited the DPP’s Chambers.

The Speaker of the National Assembly has denied the allegations made by the young man and he has called for a full and thorough investigation into the claims. Trotman said he believes the young man’s allegations may be politically motivated.

In video messages posted on his Facebook page a few months ago, Welshman admitted that he suffers from severe depression and had been placed on several medications. He also admits being a patient of a psychiatrist and said he has attempted to take his own life on several occasions.

Filed:  24th September 2014.

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