TravelSpan suspends service, seeks new partner

TravelSpan suspends service, seeks new partner

Charter Airline service, Travelspan,  has suspended its operations between Guyana and New York as the company has ended its relationship with Vision Airlines of the United States.

Travelspan leased its aircraft from Vision Air but over the past few months the relationship between the two companies went sour as Travelspan complained bitterly about Vision Air causing many of its flights to be delayed and cancelled because of problems with its aircraft.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Travelspan said “in the recent months our customers have been plagued with mechanical issues with Vision Airlines which resulted with un-satisfactory service on the flights”.

The airline had hired a number of Guyanese flight attendants. There are reports that those flight attendants will remain in the employ of Vision Airlines and will work on that airline’s other charter flights around the US and internationally.

Travelspan started to encounter multiple problems with its operations in late July during the height of the busy travel season. Many of its flights were delayed and others were cancelled. As if those problems were not enough, the company was called out by the Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority who said that the Charter airline service was operating as if it was a scheduled service. The company was forced to change its advertising material.

Travelspan has promised that persons who have bookings with the carrier will be given full refunds. News Source understands that the company is already in talks with another airline for the leasing of aircraft to restart its service. The resumption could come before the Christmas travel season if negotiations go well.



Filed:  25th September, 2014

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