Travelspan and Dynamic are not scheduled carriers to Guyana

Travelspan and Dynamic are not scheduled carriers to Guyana

The Chairman of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, Hugh Denbow believes the GCAA needs to begin a public education drive to explain to members of public the difference between scheduled carriers and charter airlines.

Mr. Denbow told News Source on Monday that he has a big issue with carriers which are advertising publicly that they offer a schedule service when that is not the case. He singled out Travelspan.

Travelspan has been advertising a schedule service when the company which is a travel agency, actually offers a charter service using Vision Airways.

Travelspan would lease the Vision Air aircraft and services, book certain arrival and departure days and then operate on those days. He said charter services are far different from those scheduled carriers simply because they operate under different rules. Denbow admitted that Guyana has to update its civil aviation rules and regulations to cater for the problems now popping up with charter airlines.

Over the past few weeks, Travelspan has experienced several delays and cancellations with its flights. The airline has blamed those problems on maintenance and technical issues.

Dynamic Airways operated an unscheduled service before it packed up and left, promising to return. Dynamic spent less than six weeks in the Guyana market. As an unscheduled service, Dynamic would  be able to cover passengers better and take care of them better than a charter carrier.

There are currently six airlines plying the Georgetown route which operate full scheduled services. Those airlines are Fly Jamaica, Caribbean Airlines, Suriname Airways, COPA, LIAT and Insel Air

Insel Air and COPA Airlines were the two last airlines to enter the Guyana market with scheduled service.

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