Travelspan cancellations leave hundreds stranded

Travelspan cancellations leave hundreds stranded

Hundreds of passengers in Guyana, New York and Trinidad and Tobago are fuming over several cancellations of Travelspan flights to and from its scheduled destinations.

On Saturday in Georgetown, scores of passengers stormed the Travelspan Regent Street office demanding answers about the cancellation of their flights. The airline has cancelled a number of flights over the past two weeks and many of the passengers have found themselves going to the airport on a number of occasions only to be told that the airline had cancelled its flights.

In New York, passengers were forced to overnight at the JFK airport hoping that there would have been accommodated on other flights but the cancellations have continued.

News Source understands that both planes which are operated by Travelspan through its partnership with Vision Air, have developed mechanical issues which have resulted in the aircraft being grounded for maintenance.

Many passengers have complained that the airline is not doing a good job at informing them of the situation and making alternative arrangements for them to get to their destinations.

One passenger told News Source that she travelled to the Cheddi Jagan Airport on three occasions over the past week for her flight to New York and only found out that the flight was cancelled when she got there. The woman said the Georgetown staff members of the airline appear “clueless” about what is going on and could barely provide answers to their queries.

A few weeks ago a Guyana bound Travelspan flight from New York was forced to return to the JFK Airport after the aircraft started to develop mechanical problems two hours after take off.

Travelspan is based in New York.

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