Bodies of two miners found in Cuyuni river

Bodies of two miners found in Cuyuni river

Search and Rescue efforts became search and recovery as officials said hope has faded in the Cuyuni river as the bodies of two miners were discovered on Sunday afternoon. Two other miners are still missing and are presumed dead.

The four miners were reportedly thrown overboard when their small boat capsized  in the Matuk Falls in the Cuyuni river on Saturday morning. Three persons survived the river mishap.

 According to a statement from the police, the boat was captained by 19-year-old Junior Lyte of Batavia who was being assisted by Clive Welcome of First Avenue, Bartica who is also 19 years old.

 At Aranka, Cuyuni, they collected Shawn Robinson, William Patwa, and David Prass, all of New Amsterdam, Berbice along with Junior Bandhu of Tuschen, and Maurice Hopkinson of Second Avenue, Bartica.

The Police statement added that while in the Matuk Falls area both of the engines of the vessel failed and it subsequently capsized. The crew of another boat in the area rescued Junior Lyte, David Prass and Maurice Hopkinson. The other four men could not be found.

Searches continued into late Saturday afternoon and restarted early on Sunday morning.

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