Four missing, three survive as boat capsizes in Cuyuni river

Four missing, three survive as boat capsizes in Cuyuni river

Four persons who are all believed to be  miners have gone missing in the Cuyuni river after their boat capsized on Saturday morning. Three others have survived the river tragedy.

Transport Minister Robeson Benn confirmed that the accident took place just after 9 o’ clock on Saturday morning in the river as the boat approached several rapids and falls in the river.

He said police and rescue teams were immediately sent out to the area after they were notified and the Guyana Defence Force was dispatching one of its helicopters to offer assistance in the search and rescue mission.

Law Enforcement officials at Bartica said they are closely monitoring the development and policemen from Bartica and other groups of persons have gone out “into the river to see how they could assist”.

Reports are that the river accident took place not too far from Bartica in the Cuyuni river. Heavy rainfall has been pounding the area for most of the day and the weather condition may have created some setback for the rescue teams.

The Cuyuni river is used by many in the mining sector to gain easy access to interior locations where gold mining is done. There have been a number of accidents in the river over the past few years.

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