Increased fees to greet new and continuing UG students

Increased fees to greet new and continuing UG students

From the new academic year, University of Guyana students will have to pay increased tuition fees. The new academic year begins late August.

In a statement the University said new students will now have to pay GUY$210,000 per academic year and continuing students will pay GUY$180,000 over the same period. Students previously paid $127,000 per year .

According to the University, The fee adjustment has become necessary due to the rising cost of providing quality education not only in Guyana but worldwide. It said Additionally, inflation has negatively affected the allocation to the University from the Government, making the current tuition fees paid by students unsustainable and unrealistic,”

This is the first time that the University fees have been increased since the PPP Civic government introduced the fee structure in 1994.


Fees for Guyanese students:

NEW STUDENTS: $210,000 per year

CONTINUING STUDENTS: $180,000 per year

The fees above apply to most programmes except for the following programmes:

Programme                                                                                        Tuition Fee

·         Bachelor of Science Degree in Optometry                                                  $300,000

·         Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Imaging                                      $300,000

·         Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing                                                        $300,345

·         Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy                                                   $300,000

·         Bachelor of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences                        $300,000

·         Bachelor of Science Dental Surgery                                                              $550,000

·         Masters of Science in Environmental Management                               $350,000

·         Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management                      $900,000

Climate Change Disaster

·         Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management                      $900,000

& Natural Resource Management

·         Bachelor of Law                                                                                                     $350,000

·         Commonwealth Master of Business Administration                              $450,000

·         Commonwealth Master of Public Administration                                   $450,000

·         Master in Education                                                                                             $350,000

·         Bachelor of Arts Degree in Tourism Studies                                              $202,854

·         Associate Degree in Tourism Studies                                                            $202,854

NB: All fees are inclusive of the Facilities Fees of $50,000.

Fees for foreign students:

·         Agriculture and Forestry                                                               US$ 4,250

·         Health Sciences                                                                                  US$ 4,250

·         Health Sciences – Bachelor of Medicine                                  US$ 6,450

·         Health Sciences – Dental Surgery                                               US$ 6,450

·         Natural Sciences                                                                                US$ 4,250

·         Social Sciences                                                                                    US$ 4,250

·         School of Education & Humanities                                             US$ 4,250


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