Mr. Clean pleads guilty to drug trafficking

Mr. Clean pleads guilty to drug trafficking

Guyanese weightlifting champion Colin Aubrey Chesney aka Mr. Clean, has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in  the United States and will know how many years he will spend in prison when he is sentenced in October.

Mr. Clean was busted when he arrived in the United States on a Caribbean Airlines flight from Guyana with over 50 cocaine pellets in his stomach. It took him close to a week to pass all of the pellets.  “

The total weight of the cocaine found in the pellets excreted by the weightlifter is just over one and a quarter pounds.

Chesney arrived in the U.S on Saturday May 24, 2014 on a Caribbean Airlines flight from Guyana.

According to the court complaint documents obtained by News Source, just after arriving at the JFK Airport, Customs agents approached the national Powerlifting champion, Colin Chesney, for a customs inspection. “During the inspection, the defendant appeared unusually nervous, specifically, the defendant was physically shaking and sweating heavily”, the complaint said.

He was escorted to a private room for a secondary search and it was during that secondary search, Chesney told Customs Inspectors that he had swallowed “foreign bodies” into his stomach. The court documents revealed that Chesney gave consent for an x-ray and was taken to a medical facility at the JFK Airport. The x-ray revealed that there were “foreign bodies” in the man’s intestinal tract and he began passing the cocaine filled pellets.

When he was first charged, he entered a not guilty plea but decided to change that plea to guilty when he appeared in court last week.

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