PNC Disciplinary Committee recommends 3 month suspension for Kissoon

PNC Disciplinary Committee recommends 3 month suspension for Kissoon

The Disciplinary Committee set up by the Peoples National Congress Reform to probe a reported verbal altercation between the General Secretary of the PNC and member Vanessa Kissoon has recommend that Kissoon be suspended from the party for three months.

The recommendation was made by the five member committee on Tuesday after its completed its hearings although Kissoon was a no show for the hearings.

Kissoon was already serving a suspension thrown at her by Party Leader David Granger.

The leadership of the PNC has come under criticism by some of its members for its handling of the incident and the suspension of Kissoon. Granger’s move came after a complaint was filed against Kissoon for verbally abusing the party’s General Secretary Oscar Clarke during an argument over her reported reluctance to hand over the keys for the party’s Linden office to its new coordinator in the town.

Kissoon claimed that Clarke pointed his finger in her face and she was not going to have any of that. PNC sources who were at the Congress Place headquarters at the time of the incident accused Kissoon of “overreacting and going over the edge with her verbal attack” on the General Secretary on Clarke.

Kissoon stayed away from the disciplinary hearing on the advice of some of the party’s members from the Linden community. Now that the Committee has recommended the three month suspension, it is up to the party’s Central Committee on whether or not to go ahead with the recommendation.

The Disciplinary Committee was headed by longtime party member Alan Munroe, who was supported by members Malika Ramsey, Christopher Jones, Cheryl Sampson and Lance Carberry.

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