Kissoon’s suspension is internal party matter -Granger

Kissoon’s suspension is internal party matter  -Granger

Leader of the People’s National Congress, retired Brigadier David Granger, has declared that the suspension facing PNC member and APNU Member of Parliament, Vanessa Kissoon is an internal party matter that is being addressed.

In a brief conversation with News Source, the PNC Leader confirmed the suspension but would  not offer any other details. Kissoon who is the Member of Parliament representing Region 10 reportedly got into a shouting match with the General Secretary of the PNC, Oscar Clarke in front of several other party members and other persons who were at Congress Place.

News Source understands that the argument began after Clarke requested the keys to the Linden PNC office from Kissoon. A source close to Congress Place explained to News Source that the PNC has appointed someone at Linden to overlook the Linden office and needed the keys to the office to hand over to the new manager. Kissoon was reportedly asked on a number of occasions to return the keys but has not done so.

The source explained that when Clarke made his latest request, “all hell broke loose and Kissoon became very disrespectful. She was shouting and carrying on and it was loud. She was even rushing up to the General Secretary as if she wanted to fight and had to be pulled away by other staff members at the PNC office”.

News Source understands that it was just after that meeting that the Leadership of the party was informed of the situation and a decision was made to begin the process to suspend Kissoon from the party. According to reports, a committee has now been set up by the party which will examine the incident from all sides. That move by the PNC could provide a specific length of time for the suspension.

There are also reports that Kissoon’s parliamentary seat may not be protected by the committee’s findings and actions. What that means is that the APNU could make its own decision to recall Kissoon from Parliament and have her replaced by another resident of the community she represents.

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