Vanessa Kissoon’s suspension from PNC Lifted

Vanessa Kissoon’s suspension from PNC Lifted

Opposition Leader and Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform David Granger has confirmed that the suspension that he imposed on party member and Member of Parliament Vanessa Kissoon, has been lifted.

Mr. Granger told a press conference at Congress Place on Sunday evening that the party’s Disciplinary Committee has completed its probe and has made recommendations to the Central Executive Committee. He said while that Committee is expected to examine the recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee, a decision was taken to lift the suspension and allow Kissoon to participate in activities of the party.

The suspension of Kissoon was imposed by the Party Leader following reports of a verbal confrontation between her and Party General Secretary Oscar Clarke. Granger had said that his suspension was to set the stage for the hearing by the Disciplinary Committee.

News Source understands that the Committee has recommended that Kissoon be suspended for three months, but many senior members of the party believe that it ┬áis time for the party to put the issue behind it and move on to “more important issues”.

A Senior Member of the Party speaking on the condition of anonymity told News Source on Saturday that Kissoon remains a very valuable member of the party and many other senior members believe that it was best for the issue to be settled and for the party to move forward.

Vanessa Kissoon is one of the most outspoken young members of the party and is serving her second term as a Member of Parliament. She represents the Region 10 community.

On Sunday she was spotted at the PNC Congress sporting her delegate badge which she received the day before and which signalled that she was welcomed to participate in the meetings of the party congress.

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