PNC suspends Vanessa Kissoon over row with Oscar Clarke

PNC suspends Vanessa Kissoon over row with Oscar Clarke

The People’s National Congress Reform has made moves to suspend the membership of Vanessa Kissoon who is the Member of Parliament for the coalition A Partnership for National Unity representing Region 10.

The PNC is the major partner in the APNU. Although Kissoon is being suspended from the party, it is unclear what impact if any, that suspension, will have in her standing as the APNU’s Member of Parliament for Region 1o.

Reports reaching News Source suggest that the decision to suspend Kissoon came on the heels of an explosive argument she had with the General Secretary of the PNC, Oscar Clarke.

Sources familiar with the story told News Source that, the two were involved in a heated argument at the PNC’s Congress Place headquarters and Kissoon felt she was being verbally abused and attacked by the General Secretary. According to a Congress Place source, the feisty Member of Parliament who was at the forefront of the Linden protests two years ago, reportedly “did not mix words as she told the General Secretary off”, during their fiery exchange. Clarke thought he had been disrespected and lodged a formal complaint with the Leadership of the PNC and a decision was made to suspend Kissoon’s membership with the party.

When contacted on Thursday, Kissoon would only tell News Source that she was busy with her eldest child’s graduation, which she said, was one of the proudest moments in her life. She did not want to go into details about the reports of her suspension.

Efforts to contact the General Secretary of the People’s National Congress, Oscar Clarke, were futile.

Earlier this year, Kissoon who is serving her second term as a Member of Parliament was dumped in the back bench, following another issue with the leadership of the APNU. The move to remove her from her second row seating to the back row, was seen as a demotion. The bank benches of the National Assembly are usually reserved for new and junior Members in the National Assembly.

When her seating arrangement was changed by the APNU’s leadership, she was not informed in advance and only found out when she attended a sitting and realised that someone else was seated in her seat and she was thrown to the back.


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