Dynamic Airways hits snafu on inaugural service

Dynamic Airways hits snafu on inaugural service

The latest airline to join the Guyana/New York market hit major problems on its inaugural flight to Georgetown and the return flight to New York. Airline officials are now working around the clock to avoid a repeat.

News Source understands that on the same day that Dynamic Airways launched its schedule service to Guyana from New York, it was forced to fire its ground handling agent at the JFK International Airport after that company reportedly allowed three untagged bags onto the aircraft and that resulted in the flight out of New York being delayed and the airline facing facing an infringement.

The aircraft was eventually allowed to leave Guyana but because of the delay out of New York, the flight out of Georgetown was further delayed  by five hours. By the time Dynamic Airways arrived in Guyana, it had already fired its New York ground handling agent and was facing problems getting a new handling agent in time for the return flight.

Sources familiar with the situation explained to News Source, that Dynamic Airways struck a deal with Fly Jamaica to ferry some Fly Jamaica passengers who were delayed because of an issue with that carrier. That deal reportedly would have allowed Dynamic Airways to utilize the ground handling agent and gate position used by Fly Jamaica at New York’s JFK Airport. However, when Dynamic Airways touched down in New York just after 12noon on Friday, which was more than six hours after its scheduled arrival, Fly Jamaica had pulled out of the deal to use its ground handling agents and gate position. Dynamic Airways found itself arriving at the JFK Airport without ground handling agents and without a gate position.

Passengers were allowed to disembark the aircraft on the tarmac and board a shuttle to immigration and customs arrival area. There, they were greeted by sniffer dogs and heightened security. Additionally a number of passengers were subjected to random checks and questioning about their stay in the United States and the inaugural flight. A U.S Customs and Border patrol agent was overheard telling another agent that he could not understand how they airline arrived without landing rights. Another agent would explain that the extra checks and questioning of random passengers was as a result of the flight being the inaugural one into the JFK Airport.

Managing Director of Roraima Airways, Captain Gerry Gouveia, apologised for the problems experienced by passengers during a brief conversation with News Source from Georgetown. He said the situation underscores the point he has made in the past that airlines need to work closer together for the benefit of Guyanese passengers.

He said Dynamic Airways is very committed to the Guyana market and will stay the course although its inaugural outing had  major hiccups. He said the airline will not be able to conduct its Sunday flight in and out of Georgetown, but all should be well by Tuesday when service will recommence. He seemed upbeat about the problems experienced at the JFK Airport being solved.

Roraima Airways entered into an agreement with Dynamic Airways to launch the Guyana service. Under the agreement, Roraima acts as lead agents in Guyana for the airline.

The carrier intends to operate four flights per week between Georgetown and New York.

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