Police wants you to “BB” message Force when you see crime

Police wants you to “BB” message Force when you see crime
The Guyana Police Force in an effort to get citizens to play a greater role in the crime fight has added a blackberry service that would cater for blackberry users who may see something suspicious and need to inform the Police.
In a statement highlighting the crime statistics for the first six months of the year, the Police Force said that in order to avoid being easy targets for criminals, citizens should be alert at all times and do not ignore the presence of strange vehicles and individuals  in their communities. According to the Police Force, persons should record the registration numbers of strange and suspeicious looking vehicles in their communities.
” Record the registration numbers of strange and suspicious-looking vehicles, in your community.  If possible, discreetly take photographs and forward all information by BMM to pin numbers 2828B269 or 79B17F8B and/or by text to cell numbers 623-6072 or 623-6068“, the Police Force said in a statement.
The release also said that citizens should take note of the physical description of suspicious-looking individuals.  “This information may prove useful subsequently.  If possible, discreetly take their photographs and forward all information by BMM and/or by text to the pin and cell numbers provided”, the Police noted.
The Guyana Police Force also believes citizens could fight crime by wearing less expensive jewellery and using less expensive smartphones in public. It also wants businessmen and other persons to utilise debit and credit cards and cheques more and do less cash transactions.
While the Police Force offers advice for citizens to aid in the fight against crime, the 911 emergency telephone service used by the Police Force continue to be dogged by problems. Its also unclear which stations or officers would be in charge of the blackberries that citizens are being urged to add to their friend’s list.

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