Fly Jamaica had no written agreement with Dynamic Airways -Reece

Fly Jamaica had no written agreement with Dynamic Airways   -Reece

The Director of Fly Jamaica, Roxanne Reece, is adamant that her airline cannot be blamed for the troubles faced by Dynamic Airways on its inaugural flights.

In a telephone interview with News Source, Ms. Reece explained that the only relationship her company was forging with Dynamic was for that airline to bring in some of the Fly Jamaica passengers from New York who were affected by a delay. She was adamant that, that was as far as the relationship went.

She however explained that Dynamic Airways had offered to ferry in the Fly Jamaica passengers and wanted to utilize Fly Jamaica’s gate position and ground handling because of the problems it was facing.  “They wanted to use our resources and our stuff to get out of New York but there was no deal on that”, she said.

Reece said “there was never a written agreement, we were approaching them as regular customers with our passengers and we did that with other airlines, but they cannot try to blame us for their problems at JFK”.

According to the Fly Jamaica Director, the new airline should not be giving the impression that there was an agreement since none existed. Fly Jamaica sources have indicated that its aircraft is up and running and  is ferrying passengers from some its routes.

Dynamic Airways faced delays in its departure from New York and Guyana because of not being able to have an assigned gate at Terminal 1 of the JFK Airport. The airline has indicated that it is currently working to have the problems resolved and that should be done by Monday. The airline’s Sunday flight has temporarily been delayed.

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