Dynamic Airways return to Guyana market further delayed

Dynamic Airways return to Guyana market further delayed

North Carolina based Dynamic Airways will not be back in Guyana offering its service on August 8 as the airline had previously announced.

Captain Gerry Gouveia of Roraima Airways told News Source on Sunday that the US carrier will not be ready by that date to return to the market. Roraima Airways has been overlooking the Dynamic Airways Guyana operations as part of a partnership with the airline. Gouveia said he is confident that the carrier will return to the Guyana market because it remains committed to the route. He said he intends to meet with airline officials on Friday in North Carolina to be further updated on the developments.

While it has put a hold on its Guyana operations, the company has been operating charter services for a number of other airlines during the current peak season. Gouveia said he intends to keep the airline officials focused on the Guyana market and will be “working hard” to ensure that.

The airline announced a suspension of its service in early July because of several problems that continued to plague its operations to the New York market. A ┬ánumber of the airline flights from Guyana were not allowed to land at New York’s JFK airport and would therefore be forced to seek accommodation at airports in North Carolina and New Jersey. Dynamic would shuttle passengers between the JFK Airport and those airports but that system became costly.

The airline has to meet a number of requirements before it is granted full permission to operate from the JFK Airport. New Source understands that airline officials have been examining those requirements and have been working to meet all of them.

When the airline announced its suspension, scores of passengers had already booked on its service. The carrier promised them full refunds, as it apologised for the break in its service.

The airline never really got off of the ground the way it wanted to, from the beginning of its service. Though  it launched a massive online promotion campaign, the problems with the New York route began early and the airline was unable to solve those problems in a timely manner to take advantage of the bust July/August travel season.

In Guyana, some travel agents have reported that persons are still inquiring about the airline’s service. One senior travel agent executive explained to News Source that travel agencies have put a hold on all bookings with the carrier until it returns fully to the Guyana market and they are satisfied that its service will continue uninterrupted.

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