Ministers and man clash over loud music at PPP event

Ministers and man clash over loud music at PPP event

A young man was arrested on Friday night after he got into a verbal confrontation with government Minister outside a PPP Fundraising Bar B Q event on Emancipation Day in the Eccles community.

Reports indicate that the youth may have been unaware that the event was being hosted by the PPP Eccles group and had several government ministers and PPP officials in attendance. The young man reportedly pulled up in his vehicle outside the “Freedom Day” fundraiser and started to blast loud music from his SUV.

One government Minister reportedly rushed out and demanded that the young man turn the music off and leave the area, describing his behaviour as “disrespectful”, according to source.

News Source understands that the youth paid little attention to what was being said by the Minister and turned the volume of his music up louder and got into a bitter war of words with the Minister.

Contacted on Sunday, PPP Member of Parliament, Neil Kumar who was at the event and was reportedly the organiser, at first denied that there was any incident that took place at the fundraiser. “There was no incident. It went off really good, the Prime Minister, Minister Rohee, Minister Bheri Ramsarran were there and there was no problem”, he said.

But when told that there were photographs circulating that showed police presence and a crowd gathered close to the Police vehicle, Kumar said it may have been some issue about music but “nothing that is not ordinary”. He denied that any Government official became involved in ¬†any confrontation.


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