Lisa Punch bows out of Rising Star…will keep Punching

Lisa Punch bows out of Rising Star…will keep Punching

She had the looks and sound of a star but it wasn’t enough to move her to the next round of the ABC Reality music show, Rising Star. Guyana’s songbird Lisa Punch was eliminated from the weekly singing competition on Sunday evening even as the Judges pleaded with the voting public to ensure she returns to the next round.

Dressed in a playful yellow and burgundy cocktail dress, Punch controlled the stage from the start of her performance of Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire”. The Guyanese singer added a reggae touch to her performance and that brought the judges to their feet as they all voted yes for her performance. At the end of her performance, she pulled together a total of 59% of the votes cast which was not enough to push her into the next round.

A West Coast save could have sent her into the next round but although she pulled 63%, when the West Coast voted, she missed the final spot into the finals  by 2%.

In a message on her official Facebook page, Lisa said “Thanks for the love and support on Rising Star. Nevertheless, do not be discouraged because this is just the beginning of greater things in stored for me and all of Guyana. I’m very happy because unity was formed in my country and everyone agreed on one thing which is to make sure that I win. I didn’t win the show but I’m a winner because I have you, the best set of people and best set of fans backing me all the way! We all can live our dreams!”


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