Basil Williams chides party members for “washing laundry in public”

Basil Williams chides party members for “washing laundry in public”

Chairman of the People’s National Congress Reform, Attorney-At-Law, Basil Williams believes members of his party need to move away from taking internal party affairs to the public, in some cases, even before the party would have had the time to examine those issues and concerns.

In an interview with News Source, Williams said “I don’t  like the way some would sully the party by carrying party business and putting it in the newspaper and have everybody running with it. I mean every two years this nonsense is happening and it is not good”.

He added that the public would never see him taking the party’s private business to the media, although “I does get blows you know, but I don’t run out and make noise. I would get a lot of blows and if they take blows like me, I don’t know what they would do”.

Over the years, some members of the party would turn to the national media to complain about issues taking place within the party. This weekend, party members will gather at the Congress Place Headquarters for the 18th Biennial Congress of the 57-year-old People’s National Congress/Reform.

Williams was nominated for the position of Leader of the Party but appears comfortable in his position as Chairman. He has turned down the nomination to run for Party Leader. He said the People’s National Congress has done a lot of work over the past two years under David Granger’s leadership and that cannot be dismissed.

Granger is being challenged by former PNC General Secretary Aubrey Norton and Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon for the party’s top post. Norton and Solomon are also challenging Williams for the position of PNC Chairman.

Williams does not appear too worried, and told News Source that he does not have the time to talk about “who might beat who” since that will be an issue for the membership of the party that will be voting.

On the Region 10 Chairman throwing his hat in the ring to be party Leader,Williams said “everyone is entitled, if people nominate you, its  free thing. And if he feels that he is qualified to lead this party that is 57-years old, he gotta know. I can’t vex with he”.

The PNC Chairman said he is not afraid of any challenge to his position. “Why would I be afraid of that?”, he asked, while pointing out that he has been working hard to build up support for the party over the past years that he has served in its membership and especially since he has taken over as the Chairman of the party.

Williams said that his love for his party, its members and the people of Guyana is known and his commitment to them can never be challenged.

“I don’t know how they saying they love their party so much because if you love your party, wouldn’t you find a way to be inside the party? How you love this party, and you could be out for five years and just wait for congress then you come in and make a whole set of noise then you gone out back and you say you love this party”, Williams said, as he took a swipe at former PNC General Secretary, Aubrey Norton.

He said the PNC Reform needs help and he cannot understand why the men who are very qualified to help the party, prefer to remain outside of the party although they are members.

Under Granger’s Leadership, Williams seem convinced that the PNC has been able to make some advancements although the public may not be fully aware of all of those efforts. “We have done a lot of work you know. Do you think this PPP would have been gallivanting all over the place if we were not working?”, he asked.

He said the PNC and its partners in the APNU have been able to tighten the government’s way of doing business in the country and has forced the government to move in a direction of more accountability. Williams said “the PPP right now is not even sure of itself, you always hearing them on TV trying to build a case and they keep sounding very weak”.

The Party Chairman said his focus right now is on bringing the party together and ensuring that it has strong leadership to take it forward for the next two years and into the next elections. He said there are some who believe that the party should be on the streets again protesting, but doing that, he contends, may be playing into the hands of the government.

According to Williams, “there is a time and season for everything and this is not the season for that”.



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