Jagdeo likely to feature as PPP Candidate for 2015 polls

Jagdeo likely to feature as PPP Candidate for 2015 polls

The People’s Progressive Party in turning to former President, Bharrat Jagdeo to give the party a boost for the upcoming General and Regional Elections. The elections will take place on May 11, 2015.

Mr. Jagdeo who has tried to stay out of the local political spotlight since leaving office in 2011, is expected to make up part of an “A Team” for the PPP Civic alliance heading into the elections.

That “A Team” is expected to include President Ramotar and at least two other high ranking officials of the PPP Civic government.

Questioned about the return of Mr. Jagdeo to the local political scene, PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee said he has always remained very active in the PPP and therefore it should come as no surprise that he could be featured as one of the candidates on the party’s list of candidates. He was however quick to point out that the party is still to finalize its list of candidates.

Speaking at a Freedom House press conference on Monday morning, Rohee declared that Jagdeo “is one of us”.   bharrat-jagdeo-dancing-with-chutney-singer

Asked about whether a Jagdeo candidacy would be a plus or a minus for the party heading into the elections, Mr. Rohee said “I think it’s a plus because he is an asset to the PPP and we are not going to let go of him because of the attacks…He is an asset to us. He is one of us”.

There has always been the belief that although he was out of office, Mr. Jagdeo continued working with the government behind the scenes. He would be at regular meetings at the Office of the President and would even sit in on cabinet meetings on some occasions.

He was widely seen by political observers as one of the reasons for the party consistently losing votes over the years. During the last elections, he unveiled several attacks on the media and a number of prominent persons as he spoke on the campaign trail.

Mr. Jagdeo is constitutionally barred from running again for the post of President. However, he cannot be prevented from running for other positions in government as part of the People’s Progressive Party.

APNU Leader David Granger has scoffed at a return of Jagdeo on the campaign trail. He told a news conference on Friday that one needs to only look at the number of failed projects and issues of corruption that were the hallmark of the Jagdeo presidency, to realize that Jagdeo cannot be good news for Guyana.

“I would be worried after the damage he has done to the economy if he returns. I mean when you look at the fibre optic cable, the road to Amalia Falls, the Specialty Hospital, the Skeldon sugar factory, I wonder if we deserve to have him again”, Granger quipped.

Filed: 26th December, 2015

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