Linden businesswoman shot dead in front of husband and son during robbery

After a day working at her small shop in Linden, a 45-year-old businesswoman was gunned down as she entered her yard at Block 22, Wismar

Linden businesswoman shot dead in front of husband and son during robbery

Police investigators at Linden are probing the gunning down murder of 45-year-old Linden businesswoman, Shevon Gordon aka Elizabeth and Lizzie.

The woman was shot dead by robbers on Saturday night around 7:30pm in front of her husband as they arrived at their Block 22, Wismar home from her business place.

According to the police, the businesswoman and her husband Elon Gordon, were about to enter their yard after arriving home in their vehicle, when two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, confronted Shevon Gordon who was out of the vehicle.

“The men demanded a bag with cash that Shevon Gordon had in her possession and she resisted and was shot to her body. The men then took away the bag and ran away”, the police report said.

The bandits were pursued by the woman’s husband and their son Devon Gordon. The son managed to catch up with the perpetrators and a scuffle ensued during which he was shot to his left thigh and the men then escaped with the bag and money.

The police said the injured woman and her injured son were taken to the Mackenzie Hospital where the business woman was pronounced dead on arrival.  The injured son has been admitted to hospital for medical treatment.

Persons in the Linden community  who knew the businesswoman well have been left in shock over her murder and the early evening robbery.  She is being remembered as a humble business woman who worked for decades to improve her small business at the Linden minibus park.

One friend of the family remarked “She was a hard working woman. She wasn’t rich but together with her husband they build that small business from scratch and supported each other and the family. She did not deserve to die like that but this is the Guyana of today and its painful”.

Another family friend wrote on Facebook that “this incident hurts so much because its close to my mother house. No where is safe anymore. I knew Lizzie well and I’m so sorry with what her family has to be going through now. May her soul rest in peace.”

Filed: 5th April, 2015

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