Linden man found hanging in squatter house

Linden man found hanging in squatter house

Police at Linden are probing the death of a young Lindener who was found hanging on Sunday afternoon in a squatter house at Block 22, Wismar, Linden.

The dead man has been identified as 24-year-old Kerwin Williams. His body was discovered on Sunday midday hanging in the makeshift house by another squatter who lives not to far away.

According to reports, the neighbour was on his way home when he noticed the young man in a standing position in the small apartment which had no windows or doors. The neighbour called out to him but after getting no answer and seeing no movement, decided to take a closer look and that was when he spotted the man hanging by a sheet from the roof of the building. A bucket was found near to his feet and Police sources have told News Source that there were no marks of violence on his body.

It is believed that Williams recently moved to the squatting area and started to build a small house after he had a disagreement with some relatives where he lived at first.

His friends were totally shocked over the death and said they know of no reason that would force the young man to commit suicide. One friend told News Source that although the young man appeared to be living on his own, he was always easy going and showed no signs of depression or ¬†of “anything bothering him”.

Investigations are ongoing.

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